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Let's Dig Into It. What Is Car Subscription Really?

It's pretty simple. It's the freedom and flexibility of having the car you want and need right now without the stress and hassle of ownership and without any long-term commitment. It's a weekly, monthly, or really however long you want car subscription that's an alternative to buying or leasing.

What's Included With Our Subscriptions?

Our car subscriptions are as easy as can be with all-inclusive pricing. No tricky fees, no hidden costs.

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Collision and liability coverage from day one

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Oil changes, tire rotations and repairs are included

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Around-the-clock help is just a tap away

Watch the video to see why Flexdrive is #TheNewWayToCar.

So, Why Not Give It A Try?

Trying our Flexdrive car subscription gives you endless possibilities to drive cars that fit both your wants and needs. Get a date night car. Flex a car just right for every season. Subscribe to a truck for your more rugged needs and so much more.

Download The App And Drive.

Flexdrive Mobile

Get started in minutes. Forget credit checks, negotiations, and paperwork.

  1. Download the app and apply.
  2. Choose your car and schedule pickup.
  3. Get your car and go!
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